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It came to our attention that certain people use the name of Sunoleur and ProxTrade as well as a scan of our business papers to setup falsified request for products and even made faked offers.

We like to make it very clear that all official request and offers are signed and sealed by only two persons authorized to act on our company in its behalf. This are Mr. Zwier J. van Puijenbroek CPA MBA, PRINCIPAL and

Mr. Peter-Johan Maximiliaan van Lieshout BSc MSc MD MBA, Managing Director

Of The Sunoleur Group.

Sunoleur and ProxTrade will not be liable for any and all actions, request and offers that are not signed and sealed properly. In fact, this is a criminal act and will be treated as such.

We appreciate if you could inform us on any attempts made, requests and/or offers made that are not signed and sealed by the persons set above, so we can take proper legal actions.

Thank you for your attention,

Mr Peter-Johan Maximiliaan van Lieshout

Managing Director Sunoleur BV

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